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Our family would not be complete without the following individuals!


Marcia Support StaffWe welcomed Marcia to Lawrence Veterinary Hospital in 2011. She is to thank for maintaining our facility, and she always does so with a smile and a friendly attitude.

Oscar, the Office Cat

Oscar (yes we want him to appear upside down)We adopted Oscar in 2016. He is a Munchkin Domestic Shorthair. No matter what your eyes may suggest, the Munchkin cat is not a cross between a Dachshund and a cat! The dwarfed appearance of this low-rider is the result of a spontaneous natural mutation. They may be short in height, but they are long on fun as they are very energetic and playful.

Oscar fully engages in playtime, treat time, mealtime, naptime, and petting. He enjoys sitting on the Doctors’ laps, perusing the treatment area, lounging near the laboratory, and attempting to drown his toys in the toilet.

You will love visiting with this lively shorty. The next time you are in, be sure to say hello and feed him a healthy treat!

Ingrid, the Office Greeter

IngridIngrid belongs to our Receptionist, Erika. She comes along to the hospital sometimes and thoroughly enjoys greeting clients. Ingrid is an African Grey parrot who is about 30 years old. Erika rescued her several years ago when her owner could no longer keep her. African Grey parrots can have a life span of 50 to 70 years!

Ingrid has quite the vocabulary, can mimic different voices and sounds, and even has a sense of humor. Ingrid can be heard saying “Hello” when the phone rings, whistling her favorite show tunes during a busy afternoon, asking for more food at lunchtime, laughing along with the staff (she even mimics one of our RVT’s laughs perfectly!), and saying “Buh Bye” when you pick up your keys to leave the office. She is quite the character and a joy to have around. She would love to greet you the next time you stop by.


WandaWanda was brought to our practice in acute distress; with many injuries caused by an abusive owner.

She recovered fully after extensive treatment and ultimately was surrendered to our hospital after charges were brought against her owner.

She is a testament to how, daily, we are advocates for well-cared for and loved pets, who are treasured by our clients, but on occasion we must step up to help the helpless.

She resides in-house at LVH. She is a very happy Cornish Rex who fits into our family perfectly!

Dr. Kraft created the Wanda Fund to collect donations toward critical emergency care for client’s pets.

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