Emergency Care

Emergency Care

Emergencies during office hours

We are staffed to take emergencies during office hours.

Call ahead if you have time before you arrive:

After hours we refer our clients to:

Blue Pearl 24-hour Emergency Care

11950 W. 110th St.

Overland Park, Kansas


Definite emergencies:

If you notice any of the following problems, your pet needs emergency care immediately:

  • Your pet has experienced some kind of trauma, such as being hit by a car or blunt object, or falling more than a few feet.

  • Your pet is not breathing or you can’t feel a heartbeat.

  • Your pet is having trouble breathing or has something stuck in their throat.

  • Your pet is unconscious and won’t wake up.

  • Your pet has had or is having a seizure lasting longer than 30 seconds.

  • You suspect any broken bones.

  • Your pet, particularly your male cat, is straining or unable to urinate.

  • Your pet shows signs of extreme pain, such as whining, shaking and refusing to socialize.

  • Your pet’s abdomen is swollen and hard to the touch, and he/she’s gagging and trying to vomit.

  • Your pregnant dog or cat has gone more than three to four hours between delivering puppies or kittens.

  • Your pet collapses or suddenly can’t stand up.

  • Your pet begins bumping into things or suddenly becomes disoriented.

  • You can see irritation or injury to your pet’s eyes, or he/she suddenly seems to become blind.

  • You see symptoms of heat stroke.

  • Your pet is bleeding.

  • Your pet has been vomiting or has had diarrhea for more than 24 hours, or is vomiting blood.

  • Your pet may have ingested something toxic such as antifreeze, rat poison, medication, cleaners, chocolate, or plant material*.

  • *​For a full list of pet toxins, see the Pet Poison Helpline’s website. ​Toxic ingestion must be treated immediately.

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