The Wanda Fund

for the Lawrence Veterinary Hospital community

Wanda5inchIn the summer of 2013, Lawrence Veterinary Hospital, Lawrence, Kansas, created a fund to benefit our clients and their pets. The goal is to accumulate donations to put toward critical emergency care for client’s pets in the event that an emergency life-saving procedure is unable to be performed due to lack of funds and would otherwise end in the euthanasia of the pet.

Although it is a rare instance clients and our veterinarians are faced with this difficult choice, we have been faced with this issue. We are advocates for pets, love them like our family and believe in our cause.

We collect funds by your donation, through sales of personalized pet tags and catnip toys!

We have many styles and colors to choose from. They are affordable at $5 a tag for one-sided engraving. $8 for two sides.

It is at the Doctor’s discretion to utilize the funds available.

We thank you for your support!

Wanda’s Personal Story

Wanda copyWanda was brought to our practice in acute distress; with many injuries caused by an abusive owner.

She recovered fully after extensive treatment and ultimately was surrendered to our hospital after charges were brought against her owner.

She is a testament to how, daily, we are advocates for well-cared for and loved pets, who are treasured by our clients, but on occasion we must step up to help the helpless.

She resides in-house at LVH. She is a very happy Cornish Rex who fits into our family perfectly!

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