End of Life

If you are seeking information on geriatric pet care, see: Senior Care.

If you are seeking hospice or palliative care for your pet, please schedule an appointment for your pet to be examined by one of our Doctors who will then determine a treatment plan to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

We Care

endoflifeWhen the time comes to humanely end your pet’s pain and suffering, we offer a peaceful euthanasia experience for your pet. Our compassionate and highly trained professionals are here for you every step of the way – from the initial decision making, through the very end.

The decision to euthanize a pet is difficult and personal. We offer consultations to help determine when humane euthanasia is appropriate for your pet.

We respect the process, and will do everything we can to keep you and your pet comfortable. We have quiet rooms where you can say goodbye to your beloved pet in peace.

You may wish to bring friends or family to the appointment, and you are welcome to do so. You may wish to pre-pay for the service so that you may privately exit the building when the appointment is over, and you are welcome to do so. If you desire any special accommodations, please feel comfortable asking.

We sympathize with how difficult it is to say goodbye to a beloved pet, as we have all had to do the same. It is our goal to offer the most peaceful end-of-life experience, with the most support possible.

Saying Goodbye

When the day comes, the Doctors and staff of Lawrence Veterinary Hospital are here to offer support to you. You are welcome to take as much time as you need in this process. We do not rush you. You may be present for the entire process, or you may wish for our caring staff to support your pet as they pass on. You may stay for all or any part of the process – this is a personal decision that we support either way.

At the beginning of the appointment, a Registered Veterinary Technician will place an intra-venous catheter which will give the Doctor direct access to a vein for pain-free injections.

When you are ready, the Doctor will administer a sedative medication. This will allow your pet to fall asleep peacefully.

When you are ready, the Doctor will administer the last injection. This drug painlessly stops the heart, and results in humane death.

Decisions to Consider

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore you go, there is one more decision to make. You have two options for cremation of the remains. We offer an individual cremation where you will receive your pet’s ashes back in a beautiful wooden box.

We also offer a simple cremation where there is no return of ashes to you.
*If you own your property and are located outside of city limits, you may be allowed to bury your pet’s remains on your property (check your local laws first), in that case we can release the remains to you for burial.

We would be happy to make a paw print in either ink or clay, or both, as a keepsake for you.

If you have any additional questions about the process, wish to schedule an appointment, or need a consultation, please contact us by calling 785-841-9956.

Additional information

More resources about humane euthanasia and the decision making process:



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