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HeartwormPreventionLawrence Veterinary Hospital strongly recommends that all cats and dogs be kept on appropriate heartworm prevention year-round. Heartworm disease is dangerous to your pet, and can easily become fatal. Mosquitos spread heartworm disease, but for many reasons is not a “summer only” concern in Kansas. If you have indoor pets, they are at risk too! Have you ever swatted a mosquito in your house? Your pets are not immune to this life-threatening disease unless you give them an appropriate preventative.

Our Doctors and staff can talk with you about the risks for your pet contracting heartworm disease if they are not kept on a preventative product year-round.

Testing for Heartworms

Heartworm disease has spread to all 50 states, and there have been studies done that prove heartworms are developing a resistance to certain prevention products. Additionally, human error can leave your pet at risk. If a heartworm prevention tablet is given even one day late – it can lead to your pet acquiring heartworm disease. This is why yearly testing is vital for your pet’s health.

Causes of Heartworm

Mosquitos spread heartworm disease by biting your pet. The process of that one bite turning into adult heartworms, which in turn live in the heart and lung, is complex and detailed. Our doctors and staff are able to discuss the details of this lifecycle at your next appointment. The most important thing to know is that dogs and cats should be tested for heartworms on a yearly basis, and should also be kept on an appropriate heartworm preventative year-round.

Treatment in dogs

There is one accepted treatment method for dogs. We offer the treatment, but recommend it is much safer for you to help prevent the disease by using preventatives in the first place. If left untreated, heartworm disease causes a slow and painful death.

There is no accepted treatment method for cats, and therefore heartworm disease is fatal in cats.

Our in-house Pharmacy has preventatives for your pets!

Lawrence Veterinary Hospital stocks the most advanced and convenient method of heartworm prevention for your pet. Please reach out to us – your pet will thank you.

You can purchase preventative products from us and have it delivered directly to your door via our Online Store.

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