Microchip Identification

Permanent Pet Identification

Lawrence Veterinary Hospital will chip and register your pet

Within a five-minute appointment; a Registered Veterinary Technician can implant a microchip in your dog or cat AND register the chip for you. The procedure is simple, and similar to administering a vaccine. No anesthetic is required, no exam is required, and there is no pain.

It takes just five minutes to protect your pet for life. When you have your pet microchipped at Lawrence Veterinary Hospital, you pay a one-time fee that covers both the implantation and LIFETIME registration with HomeAgain microchips.

A Happy Family Reunion

Lost Pet facts:

  • 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime
  • 10 million pets get lost every year
  • Without identification, 90% of lost pets never find their way home

Fear Factors:

  • A handyman or contractor accidentally let your pet out of the house or yard?
  • Your cat escapes through an open window or a broken screen?
  • Your dog digs a hole and escapes under a fence?
  • While traveling together, your pet wanders off into unfamiliar territory?
  • A thunderstorm or fireworks display causes your pet to panic and flee?
  • An emergency situation or natural disaster causes your pet to get lost in the turmoil?
  • Your pet is stolen?

Find a stray?

We have chip readers and can help in reuniting pets with their families.

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Contact us to schedule your 5-minute pet’s microchip implant.
Phone: 785-841-9956
Email: welcome@lawrencevethospital.com

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