In-House Pharmacy

Lawrence Veterinary Hospital has a complete in-house pharmacy for your convenience and to meet your pet’s needs, as well as an online pharmacy with competitive prices, compounding ability, autoship features, and home delivery.

Prescription Diets and Healthy Treats

You can shop for prescription diets and healthy treats in our reception area or order online at our store.


  • Hills’ Science Diet
  • Royal Canin
  • C.E.T. Oral hygiene chews
  • Nutrisentials Lean treats for large and small breeds
  • Hills Dental care chews

Online Pharmacy

You also can choose to order through our online pharmacy for competitive pricing, compounding ability, auto-ship features, and home delivery. Our AutoShip feature ensures that you’ll always receive the right products, exactly when you need them (for FREE on most orders over $49)!

It is our sincere promise to only provide products that are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer. With us, your pet will receive safe, quality products.