Pet Cancer Detection and Treatment

Early detection is the best weapon against cancer, meaning regular veterinary visits are vital to your pet’s health, especially in their senior years. If your pet receives a cancer diagnosis, we will create a treatment plan with you that will best address the diagnosis and your goals for quality of life​.

Pet Cancer Detection and Treatment

We at Lawrence Veterinary Hospital know the range of feelings accompanying pet ownership. We support you as you navigate the complex cancer discovery and treatment process. The bond you share with your furry friend is unlike any other. Our dedicated team, based in Lawrence, Kansas, specializes in extreme cancer detection and treatment for Pets, giving you and your cherished pet hope in the face of hardship.

Our Commitment to Your Pet’s Well-being

Knowledge That Separates Us
Our group of knowledgeable vets has much knowledge in detecting and treating cancer. For the most excellent treatment for your pet, we combine advanced technology with a sympathetic approach.

Customized Treatment Programs
Every pet is different, much like every pet’s experience with cancer. We design individualized treatment programs tailored to your pet’s requirements to maximize recovery potential and reduce suffering.


The Benefits of Our Services

Prompt action

The prognosis is greatly improved when cancer is found in the early stages. Quick action can prevent the illness from spreading and further damaging your pet’s health.

Improvement in Quality of Life

Our caring staff is committed to maintaining your pet’s quality of life during treatment. We prioritize these two factors to ensure your pet is comfortable and pain-free.

Emotional Assistance

We know that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be emotionally challenging for you and your pet. Our staff offers direction, compassion, and support to assist you in getting through this difficult time.