Pet End-of-life-Care

At Lawrence Veterinary Hospital, we understand your pet is a part of your family, and we will treat them like part of ours.

Pet End-of-Life-Care

At Lawrence Veterinary Hospital, our committed team offers the best care, comfort, and support possible during this delicate time. We are experts at providing compassionate end-of-life care, ensuring that your pet’s final moments are full of respect, love, and peace.

We also offer consultations to help determine when humane euthanasia is appropriate, understanding that the decision to euthanize your pet is complex and very personal. Our compassionate and highly-trained professionals are here for you every step of the way.

Dave Cat (Staff Pet)

Why Choose Lawrence Veterinary Hospital for End-of-Life Care?

Empathy at Every Turn

We respect the special relationship you share with your pet and treat each case with the consideration and sensitivity it requires.

Our team members have received specialized training to manage circumstances involving the end of life with sensitivity and respect.

Individualized Care Programs

Each pet is different, and their care during its final days should reflect that. We develop individualized care plans that are suited to your pet’s particular requirements, assuring their comfort and well-being.

Knowledge of Pain Management

To ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible during this transition, our team excels at pain management procedures. It makes use of the most recent developments in veterinary medicine.

A tranquil setting

We offer a serene environment for both pets and their families that promotes reflection and family time in a peaceful setting.