Pet Imaging

We offer in-house ​X-rays​, ​dental X-rays​, and ​Ultrasonography​ to assist with correctly identifying and treating your pet’s health needs.

Pet Imaging

At Lawrence Veterinary Hospital, we recognize that your pet is a family member, not simply an animal. This is why we offer modern imaging options in addition to a thorough nose-to-tail physical exam.

Unmatched Care and Unparalleled Clarity

  • RADIOGRAPHY: Our high-resolution digital WebPacs Radiology system offers exceptional image quality, enabling our knowledgeable doctors to see under the surface and clarify your pet’s health needs more deeply. We also have the option to electronically share images with board certified radiologists within minutes for specialized input on especially emergent or subtle conditions.
  • ULTRASONOGRAPHY: We can quickly assess major organ systems via portable in-house ultrasound, screening urinary bladder for masses and stones, gall bladder for changes, and abdominal masses and free fluid immediately. We also contract with Dr. Catherine Peace DVM, DACVIM of Meadowlark Veterinary Specialists for Internal Medicine Specialty consults and more in-depth ultrasound diagnostics when patient needs call for it.

Early Detection and Quick Response

An early diagnosis is essential for successful treatment. With the help of our modern imaging services, we can identify problems in the very early stages, allowing us to take prompt action and enhance results.



Meadowlark Veterinary Specialists (Dr. Catherine Peace)